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Design Process

Cascade Gardens - Design Process

Carefully creating a master plan for any landscaping project is critical in achieving maximum satisfaction and beauty. Jason Coy, your contact through the whole process, will listen to all your needs, desires, and most importantly your goals. I have over 13 years of design and installation experience and I am ready to undertake any challenge presented before me.

Initial Contact:

Thanks for contacting me to discuss your landscaping desires. My name is Jason Coy, President of Cascade Gardens.

First & foremost, I am a one man show; well at I at least try to be. I will be your contact through the whole process. 

  • I will meet with you and discuss your ideas.
  • I will prepare your drawing/sketch.
  • I will meet with you again to present to you my ideas & costs.
  • I will install your project will the great satisfaction that you will receive exactly what you requested.
  • Most importantly, we will have begun a lasting relationship and not a get in get out and get paid environment like other companies.

I like to schedule my appointments in the evening because I am usually out working during the day. Generally, weekends are not good for me because I need to make up for lost time with my family on those days. I can however make other arrangements if necessary.

M-F After 5:00 PM but before 7:00 PM

If you have plot plan have it ready for this meeting.

Meeting With Jason:
When we meet we will go over all of your ideas, scope limits, and budgets for this project. We will discuss:

  • Favorite colors
  • Design preferences
  • Design elements
  • Suggestive sizing
  • Approximate time for design completion.

Since most of my design time is done on rain days, it can take up to two weeks to have your design completed. I strongly recommend meeting with me in the Summer, Autumn or Winter…Spring is my busiest time and design times are few and far between.

Jason's Design Time:
Sometimes I associate design fees. I use the fees at my discretion. My rates are very simple.

  • Patio designs and front landscape designs that can normally be drawn on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper are $150.00
  • Larger designs run anywhere from $200 to $1200 based on the complexities and details. This rate is based on a $75 per hour landscape architect design rate.
  • All design fees are waived as long I can do the construction or installation of the project.
  • All estimates are done free of charge.
  • All bidding is done free of charge.
  • If you have a plan already and would like an estimate, that is free of charge. I may make some modifications to the design in order to improve the design and that is also done free of charge.

Preparation of Designs & Estimates:
At the initial meeting with Jason, I will either take my measurements at that time or very soon thereafter. With those measurements, I will draft out your design. Once the design is complete, I will call you to set up an appointment and review the design. This could take up to two weeks, since I am generally backed up on designs.

If you are requesting an estimate, these will be done usually with in the week and as always free of charge.

Jason Meets With Clients:
In this meeting:

  • We will review your design
  • Discuss color and plant choices
  • Discuss hardscape materials
  • Discuss estimated time of installation
  • Discuss Pricing & Budgeting
  • Accept, Discuss, or Decline my proposal

Schedule of Work:
Thank you for the opportunity to build your project. As discussed previously, I will make sure it becomes everything you expected and more!

I have provided you an approximate start date for your work. I strive to be there as promised but occasionally Mother Nature has her way and projects can be delayed. Generally speaking, I am usually right on time!

The Cascade Gardens Promise Of Quality

CGI prides itself on quality workmanship at an affordable price. This is a very expensive industry to have successfully managed for over 10 years, which is why many landscapers simply don’t make it in this business. Sure you might get a good deal from these Yahoos, but in the end they probably won’t be around to back up their work.

I pride myself on my ability to keep this company small and manageable so no one is ever lost in the shuffle. I also stand behind my work. There is obviously a learning curve in this industry and I feel that Cascade Gardens is peaking in industry performance. I use state of the art equipment like the Toro Dingo which is specifically designed for the Landscape Construction Industry. I purchase used equipment whenever possible to keep my overhead low.

I am an Ohio Certified Nursery Technician, a certified Allan Block Installer and Reading Rock Paver Installer. I perform installations based on industry standards, and know how. Thank you for choosing CGI as your Landscape Professionals.